Monday, October 25, 2010

Guild Base information

1. Creating a Guild Base (GB)
            One week after FW era reaches 100%, guild leaders can purchase floating GB through the auction system. The starting price for each base is 100 gold. Every Monday after 6pm, level 3 guilds that do not currently own a base and have accumulated ≥ 6000 guild contribution points are eligible to purchase guild bases. Guild leaders can talk to the Guild Administrator NPC located in major cities to enter the auction. On Wednesday at 8pm, winners of the auction will have access to GB. Once a GB is purchased, other guilds will not be able to take over such base.
            Each guild can only bid on one GB; each bid increment is 10%. When the bid is unsuccessful, all money will be returned to players via the mailing system.
            After acquiring a GB, the game system will deduct certain amount of base maintenance fee from guild funds per day. When guild fund is ≤ 0, GB level will decrease. When GB level decreased to 0, game system will automatically recycle the GB for auction. During which time, players who are currently in the base will be teleported back to GB entrance.

2. GB Upgrade
In Forsaken World, guild members can complete GB quests to help upgrade their GB.
Guild Base Quests:
·         Players need to obtain “Guild Base Service Letter” before they are eligible to receive GB quests. The amount of “Guild Base Service Letter” obtained is dependent on player’s character level. Level 40-60 characters can obtain 4 letters for example. 
·         Difficulty level of GB quests is divided into two sections: level 20-39 and level 40-60
·         4 GB quests are considered as one cycle.
·         Each day, when a cycle is completed, player can receive extra awards.

Level 1 GB quests and awards:
Type of Quests: 1) Construction 2) Castle 3) Housing 4) Vault 5) Banquet Hall
Awards: Activity points, guild funds, soul currency, experience, guild contribution points, merits, and resource values. “Resource values” corresponds to resources need for construction/improving GB.

Construction Walk Through
·         Guild leader will talk to an NPC and pick out a building for the next construction project.
Guild members can talk to the GB Administrator at the base to acquire construction quests to help with construction
·         After the construction is completed, the building and its corresponding NPC will appear at the guild base.
·         All the players currently in the guild base will be sent to certain area/ watch special effects in celebration of project completion.
Note: Guild leader can terminate the construction process. After terminating, 50% of resources and guild fund will be returned.

3. Guild Base Information

Combined contribution points from all members. Points can be obtained through completion of GB quests.
Obtained from GB quests completion. Activity level does not have maximum value, but each day will decrease by certain percentage.

Prosperity Values
The sum of all prosperity values generated from infrastructures. Each infrastructure will add certain amount of prosperity points.
Resource Values
Armed Value, Magic Value, Economy Value, Civilization Value, and Religious Value are used to construct guild base buildings. Can be accumulated through guild quests.
Min. Maintenance value
Sum of all activated buildings’ maintenance fees. If guild fund is lower than this value, guild base will enter min. maintenance state. During this state, all buildings will be inaccessible unless otherwise noted in description.
Total Maintenance Fee
Sum of all activated buildings’ maintenance fees. Game system will deduct this amount from guild fund once per day.
Guild Fund and Max Fund
Acquired mainly through guild members’ merchant runs, guild quests, and entry ticket fee. Guild members can also donate normal currency to the guild fund. Guild fund has a maximum limit that is determined by type of building that the guild base currently has. Once the max fund limit is reached, guild fund will not increase any further. Building a Vault can increase Max fund limit. This guild fund is used to level guild base and maintenance. Guild members can use their merit value in exchange for funding from guild funds as well.

4. Guild Base Construction
Guild base starts as level 0. It has the most basic buildings, can purchase guild mounts, high quality cooking recopies, dishes, alchemy recipes, and potions. Through constructing level 1 buildings, more services will be available.  
Level 1 guild base
Service to members
Quests available
Resources available
Lvl 1 Castle
Increase 1 level for guild base and guild, increasing numbers of army available in a guild. Allows for construction of lvl 1 buildings
Castle quests
All resources
Lvl 1 Housing
Decrease GB maintenance fee by a percentage.
Use merit to exchange for certain numbers of double experience scrolls.
Housing quests, Acquire dailes, Receive awards
Housing quests
Level 1 Vault
Increase max limit for guild fund and tax. Completing one vault quest can increase guild fund.
Can receive wages in normal currency. Can receive vault quests with soul currency as awards.
Vault quests
Level 1 Trade Center
Allows for Merchant runs to increase guild funds; Collect taxes.
Through merchant run, one can receive soul currency, increase merchant’s credit, and raise merchant’s experience value.
Level 1 Banquet Hall
Internal affair Officer can host one banquet (bonfire) per day. During which time, one can receive exp and aquire long duration buffs (long duration HP regeneration, MP regeneration)
Banquet quests, awards can be exchanged for Socialite skill books,
Banquet quests
Lvl 1 Architectural Society

Increase the number of constructions that a guild base can go through at any give time. Decrease guild funds needed to construct, increase max resource.

5. Use of Guild Base
Enter, Leave
·         Members in a guild that owns a GB can directly enter the base either via Guild Administrator NPC from major cities or an NPC that is located underneath the guild base. Non-guild members have to enter via an NPC located underneath the guild base. In order to enter, player has to be in non-combat mode and has to pay a certain amount of entrance fee.
·         Once inside the guild base, one can talk to the Guild Administrator NPC again to exit. Player can choose to be transported to major cities or base entrance NPC location. If you log out of the game when your character is still in the base, your character will sign in at the guild base entrance NPC.

Merchant Run
Only members of a guild that has a trade center can do “Guild merchant runs.” This requires player to buy low and sell high between guild bases.
When a player is doing a merchant run and wants to enter other GB, player has to pay a certain amount of tax. Tax rate is determined by guild Treasurer. 

6. Other
Naming of Guild bases
Guild leader has the power to name the guild base.
Base migration
From Thursday to Monday, guild leader can change guild base’s name and location. Requires a large sum of guild fund and special tool to do so. Change will be effective starting following Monday.
When auction is won for a guild base, game system will mail “base migration tool” to the guild leader. Can be used once to change guild base name or migrate guild base.
Base Officer Positions
Base officer position is independent of guild officer positions. Base officer positions are as following: 
Treasurer: can change entrance ticket fee and tax rate (level 1 base)

Internal affair: initiates guild activities: banquet (level 1 base)

Priest: in charge of religion related activities

Commander: in charge of war between base forts.

Note: After constructing a building, guild leader can add one more spot for either one of the base officer positions mentioned.


  1. Lookin' good. Off to a good start.

  2. in need to make the daily guild construction quest to make...your GB big and get more GOOD ITEMS...when you have the GB its empty or nothing...

  3. This is a lie. For the last 6 weeks there have been NO guild bases to auction on. I have no idea who made this but they need to stop lying to lvl 3 guilds. LOL Eyrda and Lionheart 6 weeks with out bases be up to auction on (And 2 have failed so i know there are some)